“In spite of this terrible situation, some young men and women collect
some yoga texts from here and there and eagerly begin to practice in either a
correct or incorrect way. For these people, god will reveal the secrets of yoga
without fail. The modern age belongs to the youth. Let the god of yoga bless
them to have good health, long life and body strength.” -Sri Tirumalai Krishnmacharya

A favorite quote from Krishnamacharya of mine. Find some yoga books and get practicing. Yoga is cosmic, it enters your life based upon your karma, your actions. Patanjali states that tapas – discipline, or, the heat of the fire – are what grant us spiritual powers. It isĀ yajna which brings us to the divine. So does Frank Fools Crow, when he states that anyone can do the things he does, by living the way he does. Tapas: discipline and purification of body, mind and heart, are what i seek. The mind controls the body but the breath controls the mind.